HashPack Wallet – The Leading HBAR Wallet

HashPack Wallet is a leading self-custodial, Chrome extension, and browser-based virtual currency wallet built for NFTs, DeFi, and dApps. Backed by the popular sustainable public network Hedera Hashgraph. It supports free account creation, NFT gallery, peer-to-peer NFT, HRS support, multi-account support, and address books. It also provides smooth Ledger integration and the ability to purchase HBAR in-wallet via MoonPay. The users can connect safely with the Hedera decentralized apps, using the HashPack Wallet to approve transactions when keeping the private keys safe and protected.

Steps to Install the HashPack Wallet for Chrome

  • First of all, move to the official HashPack Wallet site.

  • Then, you have to tap on the Install on Chrome tab available on the homepage. 

  • Next, you must press the Add to Chrome button on the screen’s top right side. 

  • A window with a notification will pop up; you should click the Add Extension icon. 

  • Now, you need to open the wallet and set up a HashPack Wallet account. 

Instructions to Generate an Account on HashPack Wallet

HashPach Wallet is a self-custodial wallet, meaning that users control their account’s important information. Your sensitive data remains safely encrypted on your desired device and is never kept on a server or transferred over the internet. Also, HashPack can’t recover users’ accounts if they lose their 24-word seed phrase and private key.

  • Firstly, you must visit the official HashPack Wallet website by tapping the Extension button on the address bar. 

  • Or else, you can launch the mobile app on your smartphone. 

  • Then, you should Create a Password. This password will safely encrypt your device and will not transmit over the internet. If you use HashPack on different web browsers or devices, you will have to generate a new password and import the account on every device or browser. 

  • After setting up a 12 characters password for your wallet, you must read the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy of the website and tick the Agree box. 

  • Press the Next button to continue.

  • Next, you need to hit the Create New Wallet tab visible on the screen.

  • Now, you should carefully write down the secret 24-word seed phrase. A secret seed phrase is a special password that enables users to recover their accounts. 

  • Store the phrase in a secure location, and you will require to verify it on the following page.

  • When you are all set, hit the Next tab.

  • Here, you must provide the missing words from the seed phrase to confirm that you have written it down carefully in the correct sequence. 

  • After verifying the missing words, tap Next. 

  • Now, input a nickname for your wallet and hit the Create Wallet button.

  • After that, save the account details, and jot down your Account ID. You will need to use this to receive, transfer and pay with HBAR. You will require the Account ID when recovering or importing your account. 

  • You must tap on the Reveal Recovery Keys tab on the next page. Security jot down the Private Key. Like the Seed Phrase, this is a special kind of password that grants you to recover your account.

  • When you are ready, hit the Done button and select the Let’sLet’s Go option. 

  • Congratulations! You’veYou’ve successfully set up your HashPack Wallet account. 

Methods to Stake Tokens on HashPack Wallet

  • Let’sLet’s begin; you need to go to the official HashPack Wallet website.

  • Next, get into your wallet using your private key. 

  • Then, you must tap on the Stake tab from the menu on the homepage. 

  • Now, hit the Stake the HBAR button visible on your screen. 

  • Choose one of 26 nodes you need to stake the HBAR to. 

  • After that, confirm your selected node and tap on the Stake button. 

  • That’s all; you have now staked the HBAR with your HashPack Wallet. 

Steps to Use Secure Trade on the HashPack Wallet 

Secure Trade is the new function of the HashPack Wallet, which permits peer-to-peer trending & secondary sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for both artists and collectors. This advanced feature also manages fees, royalties, and token associations.

Using Secure Trade as Seller

  • First, tap on the HashPack Wallet extension available on your address bar.

  • Next, you have to tap on the NFTs tab visible on the main page. 

  • Then, you should select the Secure Trade option.

  • Hit the I want to send an NFT tab from the available options.

  • Now, you need to choose or search for the NFT you wish to transfer and tap on the Add to selection tab. You can transfer a maximum of eight NFTs in one transaction. 

  • After selecting an NFT, you will view important information such as the name, token, and related trade fees. If you need to remove an NFT from the selection, hit the X icon visible at the top right-hand side of the Selected NFTs card.

  • When you select all the desired NFTs, you should hit the Next button. 

  • After that, you must input the destination Account ID in the preferred field and specify the amount in the Price field. 

  • Next, you will view your Transaction Information, Deductions, and total profit. HashPack Wallet takes a small 2% fee to utilize the Secure Trade function.

  • If all the details look correct, tap on the Confirm button to complete the procedure.

Using Secure Trade as a Purchaser

  • To start, head to the HashPack Wallet website and sign in to your account. 

  • On the home screen, you should tap on the NFTs tab and choose the Secure Trade option.

  • Next, hit I am receiving an NFT tab to continue. 

  • Then, you have to provide the code you received from the sender. 

  • Now, you will view the total fee of the transaction and preview the NFTs. If all the details are perfect, click on the Approve icon. 

  • Secure Trade manages token association automatically; if you get the Tokens now associated with a notification or message, tap on the Yes button to continue. 

  • That’sThat’s all; you have received the first Secure Trade with the HashPack Wallet. 


Walk through the detailed guide above on HashPack Wallet to know the methods to install the wallet extension, create an account, and use the wallet. HashPack is a Chrome extension & web browser-based digital currency wallet created for decentralized applications (dApps), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and NFTs. Operated by the sustainable public network Hedera Hashgraph. With the HashPack Wallet, you can securely receive, transfer, stake, and admire the NFT collection with the HashPack NFT gallery.